Project Management

Project Management

Incorporating Six Sigma methodology is quintessential for enterprises focusing on continual improvement. Contemporary enterprises with a vision coalesce six sigma techniques with their existing systems, project management tools and processes in order to reduce the cost of development, improve efficiency by a significant margin and to gain more control so as to harness optimum advantage. Usually, projects hit the skids because the systems lack necessary tools and accuracy of information which play the pivotal role in the execution of any project. Six Sigma techniques have proven to be immensely effective in eliminating these factors.

First Things First ! What’s Six Sigma Methodology?

Six Sigma methodology focuses on 5 crucial factors: Define, Measure, Explore, Develop and Implement. These crucial factors being at the core of the six sigma model, projects remained glued to the overall business objectives at all time which results in improved success rates of projects.

» Define: six sigma methodologies first focus on defining the structure of a project in purview of the nature of scope, the stakeholders, customers (both internal & external) and financial aspects involved.

» Measure: Most projects lead to astray at the very onset because of the lack of measurement of its progress. Successful project completion calls for regular monitoring so as to ensure that the project is going the way it’s planned and if not what factors require immediate attention. According to Six Sigma concept, measurement must be quantifiable, understandable and valuable.

» Explore: This is the most vital step while planning new initiatives and comes handy in determining scope creep.

» Develop: Fourth and another pillar of the six sigma methodology is ‘Develop’. It refers to the development of a concrete plan that lays the foundation for a successful project management plan.

» Implement: The final step of the six sigma plan where the project management plan is implemented. In order to test the project management plan, a trial run is a good idea to check how the plan will work in a real time situation.

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